Project Development Assistance

The building process involves a steep learning curve and lots of moving parts—having someone in your corner who knows the ropes of project development is critical. Part of being a full-service architectural firm means our team is ready with the experience and knowledge to guide you through all stages of your project’s development.

Our Approach

Clients often come to us with just a dream, a piece of land, and a lot of questions. Starting with a blank slate, we’ll work with you to determine the potential of your site, or the feasibility of your idea.

What can you do with the piece of land? Does your idea follow building codes and regulations for that area and sector? Will the design and idea generate any profit?

We’ll use our expertise and connections to help you avoid or mitigate existing and future challenges, and to look out for your best interests. We will even connect with realtors on your behalf to help you reach your end goal.

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Our Strengths

When a client approaches us with a general inquiry about a building or piece of land, we access diverse and knowledgeable resources—in addition to our own considerable experience—to provide expert advice on what to do next. Our network of trusted professionals includes commercial realtors, investors, financial advisors, and other specialists.

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Our Value

Our team understands your challenges and concerns. We know that the building process involves a steep learning curve and lots of moving parts; our role is to guide you through all the stages of your project’s development.

Starting from your high-level idea or dream, our dynamic project development team will bring together all the necessary resources to make it a reality. If our research suggests that your end goal isn’t feasible, we won’t just tell you that it’s not going to work—we’ll provide a creative alternative.

Our broad experience also gives us a forward-thinking, big-picture mindset that considers future opportunities beyond your current project.

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Our Expertise

Our team’s practical construction experience as former developers, builders, and carpenters—as well as detailed knowledge of current regulations—will allow you to confidently determine what could be profitable and legal to build on a proposed site.

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