Architectural Design

Each of our architecture and interior design projects are planned with a long-term focus on economic sustainability, environmental impact, and community enhancement.

Our Approach

A collaborative mindset is the bedrock of Berry’s approach to design. Right from the start, we immerse our clients in the creative journey alongside our team to make sure that our work reflects your goals and priorities.

Each of our projects is planned with a long-term focus on economic sustainability, environmental impact, and community enhancement. From a practical standpoint, we determine early on which designs and products will most effectively offset your capital costs through operational cost savings over time.

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Our Strengths

Throughout your project, you’ll find our creative, accessible team fully engaged in working with you to solve your design problems and make the most of every opportunity.

Attention to detail is the hallmark of quality, and we take pride in producing exceptional, complete drawings that keep change orders to a minimum—saving you time and money.

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Our Value

A holistic approach is key to efficient design, and our broad spectrum of experience allows us to seamlessly coordinate all the experts, processes, and design pieces on your behalf.

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Our Expertise

Our quality designs reflect extensive experience and a commitment to continuous professional growth and learning. We have particularly deep experience in the not-for-profit sector and with the design of seniors’ housing developments.

Our senior staff are involved in every project, providing leadership and expertise, and mentoring junior staff. We encourage all our staff to pursue ongoing education so they can bring individual strengths, skills, and experience to each project.

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