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Three Ways To Incorporate Green Architecture in Kelowna

Incorporating sustainability into your daily life can include simple choices - but what about those four walls you call home?

Green residential design is an increasingly important factor when it comes to planning a new home.

Incorporating sustainability into your daily life can include simple choices—whether or not you compost, take that reusable cup to the cafe, or leave the car at home—but what about those four walls you call home? 

The role of architecture in the climate crisis is something easy to overlook for people in the day-to-day. It makes sense; that’s not your job! It’s definitely ours, though. That’s why green residential design is one of our specialties. Here’s a simple look at how an eco-architect in Kelowna can help create an environmentally friendly environment from the ground up.  

Hello, sunshine!

By optimizing for the correct exposure (as in, which way the building sits in relation to the sun), we can ensure that your home takes advantage of nature’s solar power. This could look like passive or active solar heating options or other energy-saving features. 

Responsible materials

Sustainability starts at the source. Obtaining local or as near local as possible materials and resources reduces the environmental impact of shipping. An established firm like Berry Architecture is able to accomplish this reliably using established supplier relationships, ensuring that the materials needed to responsibly create your new home arrive as needed and as expected. At the same time, the right firm should consider the “embodied energy” of the products, i.e., the total amount of energy used to produce the materials.

Innovative custom design

If you want to lower the impact of your new home, avoid cookie-cutter planning. When a design is not customized to the location and resources available to it, the carbon footprint can creep up. A skilled architect in Kelowna is able to tailor the plan to balance beauty and sustainability with a focus on innovation. They will also be up-to-date on the latest codes and strategies for reducing energy usage in new designs, so your new home will be ahead of the curve. 

Make your new home a part of the solution. Berry Architecture has the expertise and resources to bring your green residential design to the next level. Start your residential consultation today.

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