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Community Planning That Serves Your Community: The Importance of Shared Spaces

Community spaces are the backbone of a thriving community—and they start with the right full-service…

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Sustainable Architecture in the Wild: Three Examples of Eco-Architecture

Understanding the role that architecture plays in the climate crisis is one of the main focuses of our…

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Three Times Berry’s Architectural Firm Tapped Into Innovation

Berry is always proud of our ability to adapt, innovate, and respond to new challenges. Just like a building,…

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Apartment Concept Design - Interior Fly-through

Purcell Collegiate School

Westpark Middle School Drone

Plants Make People Happy: The Story of our Fig Tree

Our modern day workspace is a major part of our lives since we spend about 90% of our time indoors. Indoor…

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The Complexity of Fire Ratings and the Impact of Life Safety

Many people have heard terms like “fire rating” or “fire wall.” Fire safety is a staple concept in the…

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The Life of an Architectural Technologist

In this white paper, we will be exploring the different roles, responsibilities, and tasks that the architectural…

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Newsletter Archive

Prime Connection: August

Our firm was officially incorporated on August 17, 1998—25 years ago!

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Prime Connection: June

Berry Architecture was a sponsor at the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament on May 24 at The…

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