Crestview Lodge

Pincher Creek, Alberta

The new Crestview Lodge in Pincher Creek provides 50 units, with a combination of 44 bachelor and 6 one-bedroom suites, as well as a number of amenity spaces such as dining room, kitchen, recreation, lounges, offices, meeting rooms, spa rooms, and building services. There are two green roof patios which take advantage of different orientations to provide both sun exposure and wind protection. Although amenity spaces have multiple purposes, they are appropriately sized for all intended activities. The design ensures that spaces throughout the facility are barrier-free and comfortable for residents to navigate.

There was minimal disruption to the residents throughout the construction process as they were able to remain in the existing Crestview Lodge until the new lodge was completed. The new site takes advantage of the beautiful setting and views surrounding the lodge and provides multiple outdoor spaces as well as the possibility for future seniors’ affordable housing units. Project was completed in February, 2018.

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