Central and Watkins Housing Development

Kimberley, British Columbia

This current project in Kimberley, BC is a mixed-use housing development. There will be a total of 42 residential units which include bungalows and three-storey townhouse buildings in a variety of sizes and configurations, as well as eight commercial retail units. The housing units will have patio options ranging from walk-out, second floor, and rooftop, and all units will feature either single or double garages. The design includes a shared outdoor amenity space and sidewalks connecting the development with the existing community trails.

The architectural language responds to the mountainous landscape of the city of Kimberley and nearby Kimberley Mountain Resort through the use of varying roof slopes, architectural details, and local natural materials such as wood and stone. This development will bring new housing and retail options for the residents of Kimberley and visitors to the area.

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