Why Choose Berry

When you work with Berry Architecture, you’re working with so much more than an experienced architectural firm. Working collaboratively, we are committed to realising your vision with quality and care.


No corners cut. Well, just one…

When you start with quality and service, you end with true value. At Berry Architecture, we cut off one edge of our business card, a reminder that it’s the last corner we’ll ever cut.

Team, history, portfolio—it’s all there while our trifecta of technical expertise, creative insight, and friendliness guides our process. Since 1998, our portfolio has shown clients that they're in good hands. Our architectural designs exceed expectations as we explore new solutions and every experience, from shaping a moment or shaping a city, is considered.

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We power walk the talk.

Acutely aware of the role architecture plays in relation to the climate crisis the planet currently faces, Berry Architecture takes every opportunity to foster sustainability. Using a holistic approach to our sustainable design services, we’re always asking: how can sustainability be achieved from social, economic, aesthetic, and functional perspectives?

Working toward this goal, we aim to incorporate energy-saving features and locally sourced materials into all of our projects, not only reducing environmental impacts, but costs. And we don’t just talk the talk—we power walk the talk from our LEED Gold Certified office.

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Responsive by nature. We can’t help ourselves.

From the very first conversation, Berry Architecture is on your side. Clients talk with key team members who bring creative thought and analytical insight to every project. Being involved in all stages of your design is a commitment to collaboration and gives our architectural firm the foresight to navigate your project successfully.

A high level of responsiveness also enables us to stay connected and grounded to you and your project ensuring deadlines and expectations are met, leading to repeat projects, referrals, and lasting relationships.

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Open the doors, and there’s all the people.

From community outreach to community buildings, Berry Architecture has been driven by connections since 1998.

Community: Our active community involvement has us responding to all levels of human need. We are committed to supporting community planning through the built environment by offering pro bono or reduced professional service fees and participating in nourishing charities, not-for-profit organizations, and ongoing sponsorships.

Projects: Behind the success of every design lies a healthy and creative dialogue with our clients. Our architectural firm listens first to understand your goals and desires. From initial design through to delivery, we are steadfastly people-oriented. Our greatest achievements are the professional relationships built over decades.

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