Tracey Evans

Tracey Evans

Diploma in Architectural Technology

Tracey is a technologist who joined our team immediately after graduating from SAIT. She had worked for Berry Architecture the previous summer as an architectural technology student, so she was fully up to speed with Berry Architecture’s methods and culture.

She enjoys the variety of tasks she is able to undertake with the firm which include drafting, Revit and BIM coordination, reviewing drawings, assisting with construction administration paperwork and specifications, conducting facility audits, monitoring and overseeing Berry Architecture’s social media pages, and helping with administration and proposals. Tracey appreciates having so many opportunities to learn about different aspects of the job.

Tracey is motivated by her passion for the job; she loves what she does and wants to build her portfolio by learning and growing every day.

Tracey loves to keep herself busy and enjoys challenging herself with new things. She likes to keep her mind active and continually expand her knowledge base. Her current hobbies include reading, cooking, baking, crafting, fitness, hiking, and singing.