SASH Addition and Renovation

SASH Addition and Renovation

McGrath, Alberta

This project encompasses an 1800 ft2 addition to the offices and programming spaces of the Southern Alberta Society for the Handicapped (SASH) and a renovation of the existing building. The addition/renovation will significantly enhance what SASH can offer persons with disabilities in terms of programming, services, and community outreach and is also designed to greatly improve the layout and flow of office and administration spaces. The new space will provide additional office space, board room, teaching kitchen, and larger multi-purpose space. There will also be a renovation of the existing commercial kitchen to bring it up to current health and safety codes and improve its functionality as a working space for clients and staff.

There will be a full roof replacement and a flat roof will be attached to the existing sloped roof. Cost effective and durable building materials and finishes will be used throughout to accommodate the budget and high use demands on the facility. SASH will remain open during the entirety of the building construction and renovation while maintaining the highest levels of safety for clients, staff, and the public. Link Builders is the partnering construction manager–we are utilizing a Construction Manager contract for greater team synergy.

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Renovation of an occupied facility

Construction Management contract

Flat roof addition

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