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Purcell Collegiate School

Purcell Collegiate will be an international boarding school for Grades 7-12, located in the picturesque Marysville region of Kimberley, BC. Offering specialized opportunities in STEM courses, including robotics and AI, as well as enhanced languages, fine arts, and NCAA athletics, the new school will be comprised of both international and Canadian students. As this is a boarding school, our design brief encompasses the school itself, with all junior and senior high amenities, including gym and specialized labs, as well as student residences, cafeteria/dining, and outdoor sports courts.

The project has a challenging, hillside location which necessitates that the buildings progress down three levels of the site. The design takes advantage of the gradations of the site, mimicking the stratification of the hillside and adjacent Mark Creek. Design also reflects the colours of the natural setting and uses materials that reflect the surrounding Purcell Mountains from which the school derives its name.

Sustainability is an important goal for the project which is targeting a LEED Gold designation, as well as BC Energy Step 4. A creative mix of modular and traditional construction methods will be used to meet the timeframe and budget. Project is in the design development stage.

Key Features

  • Grade 7-12 International boarding School
  • Modular and Traditional Construction 
  • Student Residences + Amenities
  • Mountainous, hillside site
  • LEED Gold Targeted

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