Peters’ Drive-In – Edmonton, AB

Peters’ Drive-In

Edmonton, Alberta

The latest location for a new Peters’ Drive-In, currently located in Calgary and Red Deer, will be the south side of Edmonton, Alberta. This new 5,576 ft2 fast food restaurant will be in a prime spot between the busy roads of Gateway Boulevard and Calgary Trail. The development includes a five-bay 6,750 ft2 Client Retail Unit and a 1500 ft2 Starbucks. Berry Architecture provided design services and prime consultant services for the project.

Unlike the Calgary location, this building includes an indoor dining area and a large outdoor patio with cutting-edge drive-through technology. Our challenges were to maintain the quality and iconic design of the other restaurants while using the newest building materials and technologies. This project presented an exciting opportunity for us to help bring the Peters’ name to Edmonton. New landscaping will also create a very green and tree-filled site, providing pleasant outdoor spaces for customers and staff.

Efficient Edmonton location

Indoor and outdoor dining space

Green site