Carlos Gamez Ruiz

Carlos B. Gamez Ruiz

Registered Architect, Building Envelope Specialist, LEED GA, CPHD
Bachelor of Architecture Degree, Master of Environmental Management Degree (Renewable Resources)

Carlos brings extensive architectural expertise to our team at Berry Architecture + Associates. In addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture with a speciality in architectural design, he holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Management. In 2019, Carlos became a Registered Architect in Canada through the Broadly Experienced Foreign Architect (BEFA) program.

Carlos is a lifelong learner who is continually broadening his areas of expertise. In the past few years, he has become a Building Envelope Specialist and, in 2020, received certification as a Passive House Designer, which remains in effect until 2025. He delivers Building Envelope and Passive House services to clients in both Alberta and BC.

His solution-first approach, paired with his commitment to clear, upfront communication, helps keep projects moving smoothly and clients well-informed of the project progress. He is motivated by the challenges and ever-changing needs of Berry’s numerous projects and brings passion and expertise to every project he is involved in.

As part of our expanding presence in British Columbia, we have opened a new office  in Kelowna. Carlos is the Architect in Residence and Office Manager for this new venture. Exploring the Okanagan region and getting to know Kelowna has been a fun transition for Carlos and his family.