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There in a flash to help with a tricky situation: Strong Roots Flooring and Berry Architecture

Strong Roots Flooring knew they could count on on Berry Architects in Kelowna for its timely problem-solving skills.

We asked one of our clients, Strong Roots Flooring, what it’s like working with Berry Architecture. This is what they said:

We worked with Berry Architecture with the build-out of our new showroom, and we met them in a moment of need. We were required to have architectural drawings for our tenant improvements and Berry Architecture came to the rescue. 

We needed a company that would help us work through some issues we were having with the City regarding a stairwell. We had issues with the City wanting to approve that so we needed someone professional who could go to bat for us to get through that process, which they did. They are very knowledgeable and they came together as a team to understand building code and also to meet with a representative at the City on our behalf. 

We work with Berry Architecture because they could fit the timing we had. We needed someone who could come really quickly, and they did that. They showed up and did everything we needed them to do.

We’ve been more than happy with the level of service. We have and will continue to recommend Berry Architecture to any colleagues or friends in the future. 

Work with an experienced residential and commercial architect in Kelowna who can support your project from start to finish. Berry Architecture builds relationships—not just buildings. Let’s work together.

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