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The Mountains Are Calling: Green Architecture in Cranbrook

Nestled close to the Rocky Mountain and Purcell mountain ranges, Cranbrook is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. And for those who choose to be surrounded by nature, it would make sense to incorporate sustainability into your every day—right down to your home. For those looking to live more sustainably, green residential design is a deeply impactful way to do it. Here’s how an eco-architect in Cranbrook can help create your dream home in an environmentally friendly way.

There’s more than one way to care for the planet. Green architecture and custom design allow you to work with the natural surroundings for a more sustainable dream home.

Shortening the supply chain

Materials are only as sustainable as the distance they travel to their destination.

By working with local or near-local materials and resources, we’re able to reduce the environmental impact of sourcing and shipping. Beyond getting from point A to point B, our architects look at the “embodied energy” of a material—meaning the total energy score from mining to your door.

We’ve invested in our relationships, meaning our architectural firm is able to reliably source the earth-friendly materials required on time and on budget.

Mother Nature, optimized

Optimizing for the correct sun exposure allows your home to harness the power of nature, a.k.a the sun. Using solar power, eco-architecture can provide passive or active solar heating options or other energy-saving features.

Up to code = lower footprint

By staying current on the latest building codes, innovations and strategies to reduce energy usage, our staff is able to use that knowledge to reduce energy usage in your new home from the ground up.

Custom residential design

Not only does a unique architectural design reflect your individual needs and philosophy, but avoiding mass-produced, unoriginal designs will lower the impact of your home. Not customizing a design to the location and resources available can cause the dwelling’s carbon footprint to rise. An experienced architect in Cranbrook can balance the natural beauty of the region with your personal style and sustainable building design.

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