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Meet Our New Architectural Firm in Kelowna!

Strong Roots Flooring knew they could count on on Berry Architects in Kelowna for its timely problem-solving skills.

Berry Architecture opened the doors on a new Kelowna architectural firm location on May 1.

We have been serving the Okanagan region from our Kelowna architectural firm for over two years and recently opened the doors on a new space. We’re so happy to have this physical presence near Kelowna’s bustling waterfront as a place to better connect and explore ideas with the community.

Meet our local contacts in Kelowna

Our Kelowna studio is led by Carlos Gamez Ruiz. Carlos is a registered architect, manages the Kelowna branch, and recently became an associate partner. Carlos came to Canada 10 years ago from Mexico and has been working with Berry ever since.

At his side is interior designer and project manager, Cassia Ward, who holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Melbourne in Australia. Together, they collaborate with the full Berry team to build and innovate the next generation of architecture and interior design.

The Kelowna difference

Carlos has noticed that people here in B.C. tend to be more open to environmentally-focused solutions, something he and the full-service architectural firm are also passionate about. “People are more open to alternatives here,” he said. “I’m looking forward to seeing how we can work together to do better environmentally.”

Berry Architecture’s new space near Kelowna’s waterfront is a haven of innovation, collaboration, and architectural inspiration.

Bridging the gap

Berry also felt that it was time to work with Kelowna, as they saw an opportunity to help meet clients’ needs through their “Prairies mentality,” which is part of the signature Berry work ethic. “It means that when we set a deadline, it will be met,” Carlos explained. “We’re like farm workers; we don’t go to bed until the job is done.”

Meeting timelines for deliverables on any scale of a project while maintaining high standards and staying on budget is part of what Berry does. “We saw that Kelowna’s market was growing and wanted to reach out and serve different types of locations and people’s needs.”

Community connection

The new space in Kelowna’s Innovation Centre at 512, 106 - 460 Doyle Avenue is also the embodiment of Berry’s people-first philosophy. Its open concept is meant to foster connection and ideation while building relationships within the community. “We adopted a new concept of networking spaces so that the building is easily approachable,” said Carlos. “Our main focus is to be open, meet new people, and make connections.”

The trifecta

The Kelowna studio marks the third location for Berry Architecture + Associates, who have been serving Western Canada since they opened in Red Deer, Alberta, in 1998. From their Red Deer, Cranbrook, and Kelowna studios, the team works collaboratively to bring architecture and interior design services to all of their clients.

Don’t just work together—build a relationship. Berry Architecture is a Kelowna architectural firm backed by 25 years of experience to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to get started.

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