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Feeling Supported: Compass Real Estate and Berry Architecture

For two years, Compass Real Estate Developments has been relying on Berry’s architects in Kelowna for their expertise and support on a range of projects.

We asked one of our clients, Compass Real Estate Developments, what it’s like working with Berry Architecture. This is what they said:

Compass Real Estate Developments was incorporated in April 2004. We do real estate project management and construction and all things related to that.

We've been working with Berry Architecture on a few different projects for approximately two years.

You know, one of the things that we've enjoyed with the full-service architectural firm is we feel strongly supported. So when you're going through, you know, a design process and you're working on a development permit, they're at the table.

They were always competitive in their pricing, and responsive when we needed them to deal with things.

We've done a few projects with Berry Architecture, there's a couple of specific people who have been incredibly supportive. And it's really been an enjoyable experience to have that support. I've really appreciated that. That's probably been my favourite part of working with them.

Yeah, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Berry Architecture. I think they're attentive, they listen, they're supportive, and they're timely in their turnarounds and responses. It's been a good experience.

Work with architects in Kelowna who can support your project from start to finish. Berry Architecture builds relationships—not just buildings. Let’s work together.

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