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College of the Rockies: Session #1

Library Community Engagement


Join us on Thursday, January 14th, 2021 from 4-5pm for the live event.

Please download Zoom to your computer, tablet, or smart phone prior to the meeting so you don’t miss out on any important information. Visit for installation instructions.

This website provides an overview of the engagement process for the College of the Rockies Library expansion/renovation project.

A summary of each week’s session is found below, with a series of videos and power point presentations explaining the planning process and work completed during the process. We encourage you to visit this page often and share this website with anyone you know who should have input.

Visit each session page at any time to give us your feedback. The live engagement events will not be the only way or chance for stakeholders to participate. Polls and questionnaires will be made available from Friday morning until Wednesday at noon (the questionnaires will be available starting at 12:00am on Fridays after the sessions) to gather additional information from the staff, students and any other stakeholders. We may all be physically isolated at this time, but we will come together and work together in other ways.

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Session #1 Topics:

During the first community engagement session, we will provide a bit of information on the project background and existing library conditions. We will talk about how the existing library is, or is not, meeting your needs (for spaces, services, resources, technologies, etc.) and how you would like to see it evolve. We will also talk about the important design principles to consider through all of the community engagement sessions. All of this information will help us dive into the main discussion; how does the library move forward into a new one-stop shop “learning commons” that will merge key student success and support services within a 21st Century learning community?

Session #1 Questionnaire:

If you missed the live event, you can still participate by using the link below to respond to questions that were asked. Please note that these questions will only be available throughout the entire duration of the community engagement phase.

Click here for the questionnaire

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