Jason Gruenewald

Jason Gruenewald

Architectural Technologist/Project Manager
Diploma in Architectural Technology

Jason is a Senior Architectural Technologist who joined the firm in September, 2018. He is a detail-oriented and versatile person who loves working as part of a thriving community of colleagues, clients, consultants, and contractors. Each day, he looks forward to both learning from and helping the people around him. He enjoys wrapping his mind around challenges in renovation projects, building envelope detailing, and product research. 

Jason brings 13 years of experience to our firm with an excellent specialization in educational projects; but more importantly, he brings his passion for the work we do. He loves “digging into the bones of a building,” in collaboration with a dedicated team, to create spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

During a regular work day, Jason coordinates, reviews, and completes construction documents, facility reviews, and contract administration. He recently completed the Alberta Infrastructure VFA training and has joined our AI review team. Jason has specialized in specifications and is working with Angela to create our specification books.  

Jason loves spending time with his wife and two daughters–favourite family activities are going camping and visiting relatives. He also enjoys playing tennis, watching hockey, reading, and creative writing.